At Honey Flora, we are dedicated to crafting unforgettable, contemporary floral experiences that reflect your unique style and values, while celebrating the beauty of locally sourced and sustainably designed blooms.




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We create floral designs that captivate the imagination and celebrate your distinct style. With a passion for crafting unique arrangements, we take pride in sourcing locally grown, sustainable blooms to bring your dreams to life. From contemporary, unforgettable bouquets to lush centerpieces, we are  here to make your special day a celebration of beauty and elegance. 




We are Honey Flora, a luxury, seasonally-inspired floral design studio located in Burlington, Vermont

Growing up along the shores of Lake Michigan, the lull of gentle waves and the breathtaking vistas of Sleeping Bear Dunes became my daily backdrop, igniting a lifelong love affair with the natural world. It was here, amidst the dunes and the lake, that the seeds of Honey Flora were sown, germinating the idea of translating the wonder and artistry of nature into unique, artful wedding floral designs.

I was born with flowers in my hand. JK, but really.

About Us


What we love most is helping couples transform their wedding dreams into a reality through our artistic floristry. We delve into the stories of where they met, lived, and why they chose to say "I do" where they did, adding deeply personal touches to our designs. We adore working with couples who share our love for unique, whimsical floral design. Couples who appreciate the value of the little details, who want to invest wisely in well-designed, sustainable choices, and who either have a vision or are open to crafting one together.

WE LOVE infusing each arrangement with creativity, passion, and whimsy .

We believe your flowers should be as unique as your love story.