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At Honey Flora, we are passionately dedicated to crafting high-end, sustainable, nature-inspired wedding florals that not only celebrate the beauty of nature but also evoke emotions and create unforgettable moments for our clients.

Our mission is to redefine the art of floral design, weaving together elegance, sustainability, creativity, and community.

Our greatest joy is helping couples bring their dreams to life through artistic floristry. We revel in the stories of where they met, lived, and why they've chosen to get married where they did, as these stories shape our designs and create a deeply personal touch.

Honey Flora is a Vermont based luxury wedding florist ~

When I step away from the world of floral design, you can find me enjoying the simple joys of life. A leisurely stroll with my tiny mutt, Josie, is a daily grounding ritual that provides moments of clarity. I am also a passionate collaborator, finding inspiration in the vibrant community of local makers and creatives.

My heart finds solace in the great outdoors. Exploring the diverse ecosystems of California during my time as a naturalist broadened my horizons, deepening my appreciation for the rich tapestry of flora. My time spent on organic farms ignited my creativity, infusing my designs with a touch of authenticity.

I grew up running barefoot through the sand dunes of Northern Michigan. 

I'm Maya,

When I'm not flowering, I'm hiking with my tiny mutt, Josie.

For me, creativity is a daily practice. Whether it's crafting a new recipe in the kitchen, experimenting with floral arrangements, tending to my tiny but mighty garden, or connecting with fellow artists, each day is an opportunity to explore. 

I draw inspiration from botanical gardens, collaborate with fellow designers, travel to new places, and find wonder in the plants that flourish in my own backyard. I strive to finding art and creativity in the everyday.

Honey Road
Burlington Waterfront
Poppy Cafe
Mount Philo

Huntington Gorge Church Street Marketplace
Foam Brewers

Camel's Hump
The Intervale
Burlington Farmer's Market

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